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  • Repurpose ZURU 5 Surprise Mini Brands Balls
    How-to Repurpose ZURU 5 Surprise Mini Brands Balls You will need: Zuru 5 Surprise Mini Brands “slices” from the Mini Brands ball A Hot Glue Gun A hard surface where you want to stick the slices You may paint or decorate the surface and the slices […]
  • DIY VSCO Aesthetic Wall Light
  • How to Fold a Love Note
    Remember back when you used to pass notes in school!? Bring back that sweet young love by passing your Valentine a love note this Valentine’s Day! For Your Loved One Your wife will be blushing! Put a simple I Love You and pass it to them […]
  • 36 Ways to Wrap a Gift with Brown Paper
    Save Money on Gift Wrap and No Need For Boring Bows Don’t waste any money this year on wrapping paper. Start saving all your brown paper bags and don’t buy any wrapping paper this year. A brown paper bag may not sound exciting when you think […]
  • DIY Silver Bells
    Turn Empty Play-Doh Containers into Silver Bells As we know most kids LOVE Play-Doh and depending on what age they’re at, you can accumulate a lot of Play-Doh containers in one kid’s childhood. As with the L.O.L Balls we turned into ornaments, Play-doh is another toy […]
  • Holiday DIY
    Turn L.O.L Doll Packaging Into Christmas Ornaments L.O.L Surprise Dolls, those small, extremely fashionable, almost too small to be cute; dolls. Their shoes will make you have to vacuum with your reading glasses on. lol They are very adorable with their small size and very detailed […]
  • 2020 Holiday Toys
    An Honest Review of The toys on This Years Christmas Gift Lists This is an a review and list of recommendations of our favorite toys, from the three big store’s Holiday Catalogs and Wishbook. Our family loves toys and we are grateful for everyone of them. […]
  • Barbie Topia
    BArbie-Topia a dreamy Barbie PlayrooM Best Barbie Toys Holiday 2020 Barbie Food Truck with Multiple Play Areas Ok I must say, this is on my Christmas list! The food truck is awesome and perfect to take to Barbie Sporting events or Camping. at Walmart it’s $50 […]



Based on our experience of owning the toys, how the kids feel about the toys, and the parents’ true feelings about the toys…dollar signs included.


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2021 Simple, but Important New Year’s Resolutions

Save Them to Pinterest for Motivation!

You Have To Remember to Have Fun! Make it a Goal to Have More Fun This Year!
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Save Money For a Rainy Day! Try to Throw all Your Loose Change at The end of the day in a jar plus $1 that you pay yourself for do it. See How Much You Have At The End of The Year?
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Feeling Lucky This Year! Send Yourself and Everyone Else Vibes of Good Fortune and Finance. With Your Determination there is no doubt you will have a Positive Fiscal Year!!
Try To Laugh More Than Last Year!
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Not Because You Have to or Need to, But Just Because You Feel Like It! or Make it a Challenge to run More Than Last Year!
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Make This Year The Year You Accomplish Your Goals. Make a Resolution to your own zero-tolerance policy and determination to accomplishing your goals!
Keep This Year Positive, Playful, and LightHearted! Have Fun, Be Silly!
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It Was Most Likely Your Favorite Birthday, Make It your Favorite Year!!
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Make a Goal to Get Outside and Feel The Sunshine!

DIY Silver Bells with Play-Doh Containers


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