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Slide Templates

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Visual Connections

Thinking Maps give students a visual representation of a broad topic. Which they can recall the visual map diagram of the information. They can brain dump their ideas and sort them out, while they see the connections being made within the broad topic.

why Mind Maps

More Engagement

Keeping students engaged in the classroom is hard enough and even harder with distance learning. Digital thinking maps allow them to collaborate and brainstorm together. Through shared files and interactive tools. They can bounce ideas off one another and make improvements in there connections along the way. This improves their overall engagement in class and a better understanding of the subject.

Organized Thinking

The usage of thinking maps in the classroom, as a way to connect information and collaborate. Has laid the foundation for an organized thinking flow. That learners use to collect a large amount of information on a topic. Then are able to sort through it while connecting everything into an organized mental map of the information.


What People Say

“Thinking maps are how I start off every topic of study….and finish it! lol.”

-Ryan T.

“It’s the only way to get work done and the only way I remember it.”

-Candi H.

“You can map out everything! It’s how I take notes, study, test prep, plan, and DOODLE!! lol. I love mind maps!”

-Bethany S.

“I love that I don’t have to keep making maps and I always have a cute one!”

-Carly G.

Never Miss a Design

Become a Monthly Member and receive a FULL set of The 8 Thinking Map Styles freshly designed WITH STYLE AND CUTENESS IN MIND! Plus Two slides with COORDINATING designs for note taking, assignments and everything else.


Helo Design – Six Thinking Map styles

6 Digital Thinking Maps with pre-placed and formatted text boxes. Just open, click, and type. Saving you tons of time formatting!

Maps Included: 1 Circle Map, 1 Bubble Map, 1 Double Bubble Map, 1 Tree Map, 1 Flow Map, and 1 Multi-Flow Map

Two versions of all six maps are included, a total of 12 maps (1.blank, 2. Labeled with the type of map).

Files Included: PowerPoint/Google File (.pptx), .pdf, and .png’s.


Don’t miss out on the fun.

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