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We know all the fun and creativity our children have with their Pop It collections. A simple piece of silicone known for its endless pops can entertain you for hours. Not to mention their educational, therapeutic, and anxiety relief benefits.

We want to bring that joy and simple distraction to the orphanages and hospitals which are home to so many children right now. That is why we have made it our mission to collect Pop It toys for the displaced children of Ukraine.


Help a Child by Donating a Pop It Fidget Toy

The Pop Its we collect will be delivered to the Orphanages and Children’s Hospitals along the Ukrainian Poland border.

Each child will be filled with happiness and excitement to receive your artwork and their new Pop It!

Your simple, yet legendary gift will give a child endless bubbles to pop and the confidence to interact with other kids.

They will use your gift as an instrument for learning, a tool to manage anxiety, a way to strengthen fine motor skills and develop muscles for school readiness, and entertainment.

Why Pop Its?

Pop Its come in all different shapes and colors and is highly entertaining to kids and even adults.

The most commonly known use of fidget toys and Pop Its. Is their ability to help you focus. Being a tool that helps you self-regulate and manage anxiety.

They are made of one solid piece of rubber silicone, with no loose or moving parts to get lost or broken.

Pop Its are made with food-grade silicone which allows them to easily be sterilized in the dishwasher or with hot water.

Pop Its are lightweight allowing them to be donated by regular mail with Three U.S. ForeverStamps.

A regular size Pop It can be mailed in regular USPS mail with THREE U.S. ForeverStamps. Kids may also include a standard sheet of printer paper with a colorful drawing of “A Happy Place” to send with their Pop It donation and still be under the 3.5-ounce limit of the three-stamp postage.”

The low cost and convenience of being able to give a Pop It donation by mail and allow children to easily donate a Pop It from their collection. Giving them a first-hand experience of getting involved in their community and helping those in need.

A Pop It is a great teaching tool for learning math, letters, numbers, shapes, syllables, coordinates, and even coding!

A Pop It is also safe for infants. From teething to drooling to popping their first bubble infants can safely play with a clean pop it.

Let’s start this project together!

If you would like to partner with us to launch this project. Please reach out by email


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