Fidget Shopping

Want To Know Where To Buy Fidget Toys? At the moment, Just about everywhere, but that’s not helpful, so we created a Fidget Toy Shopping Guide This page may contain affiliate links that allow me to receive a small commission from purchases made through certain links, at absolutely no cost to you. Your information isContinue reading “Fidget Shopping”

What’s Up with Fidget Toys?

Fidget toys are sensory objects or trinkets that you tinker with, squeeze, move about your hands, or “fidget with,” while you are doing your work. Whether that be school work or work, work. Fidgeting with an object while we are concentrating on something else (usually work), helps keep us focused by being that distraction thatContinue reading “What’s Up with Fidget Toys?”

2020 Holiday Toys

An Honest Review of The toys on This Years Christmas Gift Lists This is an a review and list of recommendations of our favorite toys, from the three big store’s Holiday Catalogs and Wishbook. Our family loves toys and we are grateful for everyone of them. As we know some toys are more entertaining thanContinue reading “2020 Holiday Toys”


BArbie-Topia a dreamy Barbie PlayrooM Best Barbie Toys Holiday 2020 Barbie Food Truck with Multiple Play Areas Ok I must say, this is on my Christmas list! The food truck is awesome and perfect to take to Barbie Sporting events or Camping. at Walmart it’s $50 Barbie Glam Getaway Portable Dollhouse I put this onContinue reading “BarbieTopia”