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Who Invented The Pop It?

Who Invented The Pop It?

Theo and Ora Costers of Theora Design. A couple from Tel Aviv, Isreal who spent their lives together inventing toy and game concepts. Such as Guess Who?, Zingo, Last One Lost! (Pop It!), and Numbers Rumba. The first Pop It! prototype was made in 1975. At the time, the silicone we use today was notContinue reading “Who Invented The Pop It?”

Halloween Costumes

2021 Halloween Costumes

A list of our favorite Halloween Costumes for 2021! We have been looking at Halloween costumes and these are the ones that seem to be the most popular and some of our favorites. Some of these links may be affiliate links that allow me to earn commission from purchases made through certain links, at absolutelyContinue reading “2021 Halloween Costumes”

Fidget Toy Shopping guide

Fidget Shopping

Want To Know Where To Buy Fidget Toys? At the moment, Just about everywhere, but that’s not helpful, so we created a Fidget Toy Shopping Guide This page may contain affiliate links that allow me to receive a small commission from purchases made through certain links, at absolutely no cost to you. Your information isContinue reading “Fidget Shopping”

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