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What is CandyToyBox?

A Brand, Blog & YouTube Channel, for short but, here’s the full story in a recent interview.

How to play the Pop It dice game


  • 36 Ways to Wrap a Gift with Brown Paper

    36 Ways to Wrap a Gift with Brown Paper

    Save Money on Gift Wrap and No Need For Boring Bows Don’t waste any money this year on wrapping paper. Start saving all your brown paper bags and don’t buy any wrapping paper this year. A brown paper bag may not sound exciting when you think about it, but hopefully you will be after you…

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  • DIY Silver Bells

    DIY Silver Bells

    Turn Empty Play-Doh Containers into Silver Bells As we know most kids LOVE Play-Doh and depending on what age they’re at, you can accumulate a lot of Play-Doh containers in one kid’s childhood. As with the L.O.L Balls we turned into ornaments, Play-doh is another toy with packaging that you just hate to throw away.…

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  • Holiday DIY

    Holiday DIY

    Turn L.O.L Doll Packaging Into Christmas Ornaments L.O.L Surprise Dolls, those small, extremely fashionable, almost too small to be cute; dolls. Their shoes will make you have to vacuum with your reading glasses on. lol They are very adorable with their small size and very detailed accessories. After all, they should be detailed, if they…

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  • 2020 Holiday Toys

    2020 Holiday Toys

    An Honest Review of The toys on This Years Christmas Gift Lists This is an a review and list of recommendations of our favorite toys, from the three big store’s Holiday Catalogs and Wishbook. Our family loves toys and we are grateful for everyone of them. As we know some toys are more entertaining than…

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  • BarbieTopia


    BArbie-Topia a dreamy Barbie PlayrooM Barbie-Topia est. 2020 Save it to Pinterest for Later! Barbie💎topia Population: 255 For Our Love For Barbie If you are reading this you probably love Barbie too! So you know how much you can really enjoy Barbie. Especially with an endless amount of possibilities to her story and a never…

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