Who Invented The Pop It?

Who Invented The Pop It?

Theo and Ora Costers of Theora Design. A couple from Tel Aviv, Isreal who spent their lives together inventing toy and game concepts. Such as Guess Who?, Zingo, Last One Lost! (Pop It!), and Numbers Rumba.

The first Pop It! prototype was made in 1975. At the time, the silicone we use today was not available yet.

Busy with life, the Pop It sat on the shelf. Until the couple’s sons encouraged them to pitch it again.

So Theora Design brought the pro-type Pop It! to Fox Mind in 2013. Then, Fox Mind brought it to Target (Chuckle n’ Roar Pop It!) in 2019. After, a couple months later and Gaitlyn Rae a monkey on Tik Tok made it Famous.

You can hear how Theora Design got the inspiration for the Pop It in our video below!

You can also visit our channel CandyToyBox on YouTube by clicking here.

Learn, Teach, and Practice Multiplication on a Pop It

See how you can turn a Pop It into a Multiplication chart in the video below! Visit our channel on YouTube to see more Pop It videos.

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