Fidget Shopping

Fidget Toy Shopping guide

Want To Know Where To Buy Fidget Toys?

At the moment, Just about everywhere, but that’s not helpful, so we created a Fidget Toy Shopping Guide

This page may contain affiliate links that allow me to receive a small commission from purchases made through certain links, at absolutely no cost to you. Your information is always safe and never shared.

Where to Find Fidget Toys

If you are looking for fidget toys this is your guide. In this guide, you will find 21 places to shop for fidgets and which type of fidgets they offer. From Brick-n-mortar to online these are the stores where you can find fidget toys.

1. Learning Express

They have many fidgets and a lot of other STEM toys as well. I didn’t find many Pop Its, but they do have a large selection of Aaron’s Thinking Putty and ShaShibo Shape-Shifting Cubes. Learning Express is available online and according to their website, they have a larger selection of fidget toys in the store. You can use the store locator on their website to see if there is one near you.

Learning Express Logo
fat brain toys logo

2. Fat Brain Toys

They have a large selection of fidget toys and posable desk toys as well as other toys. At their online shop, you will find many Simpl Dimpl and Dimpl Digit toys. You will also find many Tangles including a giant one.


3. Game Stop

GameStop is available online and in-store. You can find a store locator on their website. I was surprised to see they have fidget toys and not to mention my favorite, the Pop it. They have regular-shaped Pop Its, in solid colors, rainbow, and tie-dies. You will find Nee Dohs, slinkies, and Minecraft squishes.



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This page may contain affiliate links that allow me to receive a small commission from purchases made through certain links, at absolutely no cost to you. Your information is always safe and never shared.

4. Walmart

As you know Walmart is available in-store and online. They also offer in-store pick-up and delivery. Shopping in-store at Walmart for fidgets you will find Nee Dohs, Tangles, some Pop Its if they are not sold out (also check the Game aisle), and Oddly Satisfying ASMR bars. I’m not too familiar with The ASMR FX toys, from what I gather they are fidgets that are also used for recording or making ASMR sounds. Walmart seems to be the place to get them. Shopping Walmart online you have a huge selection of fidget toys and fidget toy packs at great prices!

walmart logo
Nee Doh Fidget Toy

5. Target

Shopping target in-store for Fidgets you will find Chuckle & Roar Pop It! regular sized and the XL Pop It! I know from experience they usually have an end cap on the game aisle with squish balls, stretchy toys, and off-brand Pop Its. Online they have a few more PopIts to choose from and a large selection of Aaron’s Thinking Putty.

Target Logo


Available online they have a large selection of fidget toys including Pop Its! for cheap. They have some of the newest and trendiest fidgets. SHEIN also has bundles like the one shown here. They usually come with a random color of each type of fidget in the picture; this 7 piece set is $12. Another great thing about SHEIN is they have unique fidgets you would find at other places. I’m not going to lie, SHEIN is probably my favorite store out of this list. For their unbeatable prices and uniqueness. Their shipping has always been reliable for me too.

7. Claire’s

Claire’s is available in-store and online. They offer a pretty large selection of unique Pop Its! They have tie-dye and rainbow as well as fun shapes like a game controller and this avocado. They also have Nee Dohs and different slimes.

Claire's Logo
Amazon Logo

9. Oriental Trading Company

Available online Oriental Trading Company is a great place to find fidgets and sensory toys in bulk. They have a large selection of fidgeting-type toys for party favors, school handouts, or carnival prizes. Shipping takes a little while so give yourself time if you are planning a party. This 50 Piece fidget spinner, Rubix cube, marble mesh, and monkey noodle assortment is $47.

8. Amazon

As you probably would have guessed Amazon has an amazing selection of fidget toys and fidget toy packs, at reasonable, if not the best prices. They have a large selection if you just type in fidget toys. So if you know the name or type you want you should type it into the search bar to save you time. If you are an Amazon Prime member the prices are even better with shipping included. This Fidget toy pack here has 40 pieces and costs $28.

oriental trading co. logo
The Red Balloon Store logo

10. The Red Balloon Store

They have a large selection of many types of fidget toys as well as many other toys and games. They carry a wide range of fidgets including the popular more common ones and others I have not seen before. Their prices seem to be decent for the regular-sized fidgets, but some of the smaller keychains and mini fidgets looked a little overpriced. They do carry SPEKS which they have priced at $28 which is usual. Though this mini avocado simple dimple is priced at $8.


11. Five Below

Available in-store and online Five Below has a large selection of fidget toys including Pop Its, lots of different slimes and slime kits, wacky tracks, and squishy balls.


Five Below Logo


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This page may contain affiliate links that allow me to receive a small commission from purchases made through certain links, at absolutely no cost to you. Your information is always safe and never shared.

Wish logo
Wish Fidget Toy Pack

11. Wish

From what I have heard wish is a popular place to find fidgets. I personally have not ordered from them, but what I have gathered from browsing the website. They have a large selection of fidgets and fidget toy packs, but you want to read carefully about what is included in your purchase and how much and how long shipping and delivery will take. This fidget toy pack is $7 plus $2 shipping and it arrives in three and a half weeks.

12. the paper store

The paper store has a surprising amount of fidget toys. I didn’t expect them to carry so many. I will say some are a little overpriced, but they also have some of the most unique fidgets. They carry Aaron’s Thinking Putty, Twiddles, Pop Its!, Rubix Cubes, Snappers, Nee Dohs, Shashibo Shape-Shifting Boxes, Orbeez/DNA balls, and SPEKS. Definitely a store worth checking out if you are on the hunt for unique and quality fidgets. The paper store is available in-store and online. Check their website for locations.

The Paper Store Logo
the therapy shoppe

13. The Therapy Shoppe

The Therapy Shoppe has a wide variety of fidget toys. From very specific fidgets, to target certain types of fidgeting to the more common fun fidgets the kids are playing with. Here is a chewing fidget that looks like an oreo they sell for $15. Snapperz is one of the more common fidgets and they sell those for


14. Fun and Function

Similar to The Therapy Shoppe, Fun and Function has a wide variety of fidget toys. Everything from pencil toppers and fidgets for the classroom to specialized fidgets for specific types of fidgeting. They carry some of the more common, but not as much as other stores.

Pack of 12 – $8
Fun and Function Logo
Pack of 4 – $8

15. FOCO

FOCO has a one-of-a-kind fidget shop and probably most sports fans’ favorite one! They offer Pop Its with NFL, MLB, NBA, and college team logos on them. They have all the major teams and they come in packs of two currently on sale for $13 the regular price shows $20. Not bad for a sports team fidget! They also have magnetic finger rings with the team’s logos on the outside. Which come in a pack of 6 for $20.

$20 on sale for $13
$20 on sale for $13
uncommon goods logo
Marble Spinner from Uncommon Goods
Rainbow Marble Spinner $145
Fidget Pen uncommon goods
The Fidget Pen $25
Finger Tracing Meditation Mug $35

16. Uncommon Goods

Uncommon Goods has fidget toys for adults or college students. We need fidgets for every age and these are just too good to leave out of this shopping guide. This first one I fell in love with and it would make for a very nice gift at a price of $145. This pricey fidget is composed of a glass marble on top of a glass base, shaped kind of like a filled-in bowl. The marble rests in the divet of the glass base and can be twisted to spin in the base or you can pick it up and roll it around. As I mentioned, definitely a gift for an adult.

The Second Fidget I came across was this complex-looking pen. It’s a fidget pen that is made to tinker with when you’re not writing, but while at work with it. I thought this would be a great find or gift for a guy who tinkers with things at his desk.

Last, but certainly, not least fidget I just love! Is this a coffee mug! If you know someone who loves their coffee or tea and is always rubbing or running their fingers through something, then this is the coffee mug for them! It has grooves for your fingers to follow the paths on the mug while you sip your warm beverage and meditate.

17. Kohl’s

Kohl’s came up when I was searching for fidgets. This is great since many people live near one, but to my surprise, they carry a limited selection. Which mostly consists of the Aroma Spinner. A fidget spinner that allows you to insert essential oils into the spinner arms for an aromatic stress-relieving experience. Interesting! I would be curious to know how well it works for someone who uses essential oils. If this is you and you’ve tried it out please leave us a comment and let us know! Nevertheless, you can find the Aroma Spinner at Kohls.

Aroma Spinner from Kohl's
Aroma Spinner $18-$25
discovered logo

18. discovered.

Spinner rings are ethically made by artisans from emerging countries. Beautiful sterling silver rings are made hypoallergenic with pure 925 silver and nickel-free. They spin for a discreet fidget that is always right at your fingertips. These rings make. a great gift and are available with silver, gold, and rose gold. They also have birthstones to make it extra special.



SPEKS are small powerful magnetic balls that you can use to build shapes and structures at your desk. “They refer to themselves as the coolest magnetic desk toy.” They may be small, but they pack a big punch and can be quite addicting! On their website, you can find them for sale for $25. Most stores sell them for $24-$30.


20. Tom’s Fidgets

Tom’s fidgets are advocates of the original flippy chain or bicycle chain. They also have an infinity ball, which is a bunch of metal rings connected together in. away that you can continuously “roll” the ball around in your hand.


21. Fidgetland

Fidgetland is created by the inventor of the flippy chain or bicycle chain. He used to make them for himself and discovered they could help other people. You may have also seen Fidgetland on Shark Tank in 2019. They have many different flippy chains to choose from They also have a DIY kit where you can make your own bicycle chains from different color options.


We Hope You Enjoyed Our Fidget Toy Shopping Guide

Thank You so much for visiting our Fidget Toy shopping Guide we hope you found it useful and helpful in your fidget toy shopping journey. If you feel that we may have missed a store that you think should be on this list please feel free to leave it in the comments and I will be sure to look into it and add it to the list.

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Fidget Toy Shopping Guide


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