How to Fold a Love Note

Remember back when you used to pass notes in school!? Bring back that sweet young love by passing your Valentine a love note this Valentine’s Day!

For Your Loved One

Your wife will be blushing! Put a simple I Love You and pass it to them unexpectedly. Like the good ole days or get really romantic and quote a part from your vows or lyrics to your wedding song.

Ladies your guy will love the unexpected gesture. You could leave it in the car for him to find or pass it to him in the morning so he can look forward to your Valentine’s Date together.

For Kids

Pass it to your kids!! Tell your kids Happy Valentine’s Day and how much you love them by putting a note in their lunchbox! I bet they will get a kick out of the way you fold it!

Last but not least, it is Super Bowl weekend! The first style shown in this video, is known as football style, so you could show the kids how to fold the paper this way and have a football game of your own. See if they can play a silent round of football where “passing” nots is only allowed. Have a competition and see who can score the most touch downs in a commercial break!

Whichever way you choose to express your love this Valentine’s Day, they will love every bit of it!

Watch our video below to see two ways to fold your love note!

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